Nick Zamsa [1993] is an Irish artist and writer living in Zurich. He completed an MA in Fine Arts and a BA in Visual Communication at the Zurich University of the Arts [ZHdK].



MA Degree Show, ZHdK, Zurich, 2024
Duo Exhibition with Hanna Koepfle, ZHdK, Zurich, 2024
Gift, ZHdK, Zurich, 2023
DUMMY, ZHdK, Zurich, 2023
Enigma Spectral, L200, Zurich, 2023
Art Encounters Biennial, Timișoara, Romania, 2023
Knorr-Bremse, Wallisellen, Switzerland, 2023
BA Degree Show, ZHdK, Zurich, 2019


LOVE, Degree Show Performance, ZHdK, Zurich, 2024
ACT Performance Festival, Zurich, 2024
Duo Exhibition, ZHdK, Zurich, 2024
DUMMY, ZHdK, Zurich, 2023
Newrope, ETH Architecture, Theatre Basel, 2023
Nemesis Soft, ZHdK, Zurich, 2023
ZW Move, Zentralwäscherei, Zurich, 2022
Degree Show, ZHdK, Zurich, 2019


LOVE, Degree Publication, ZHdK, Zurich, 2024
I Wish I Was as Beautiful as My Mother, Zurich, 2024
Man Drowned, Pavillionesque Newspaper, Zurich, 2023
Undead, Experimental Writing, ZHdK, Zurich, 2023
Pressure, Band of Burnouts, Zurich, 2021
Mayfaire Jones, ZHdK, Zurich, 2019
Exchange Students, ZHdK, Zurich, 2018